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Balneario of Panticosa - 8th, 9th and 10th of July 2022


If you like milongueros, mountains and lakes, the coolness of the summer and the relaxation of the hot springs come to enjoy the Milonguero Landscape.
A milonguero meeting with a room with natural wood flour and overlooking to the lake, parity of couples, invitation for ‘cabeceo’ and respect for milonguero codes.

Parity of couples. Individual registrations with a waiting list.
Enjoy the tango and the landscape
In the spectacular and luxurious Hotel Resort Balneario de Panticosa, surrounded by mountains and at the foot of a lake, with two hotels around the thermal facilities, offers its guests the essential accommodation for a stay of relaxation and comfort.
"There was talk of the existence of a valley, surrounded by snowy giants, whose waters were carriers of life, and where life took on another meaning ..."
Trekings and optional mountain excursions.
Optional thermal circuit in Termas de Tiberio, a luxury and design SPA with natural thermal waters.
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+34 659 81 57 04 (Ana) (Spanish and French)
+34 649 99 23 32 (Sunsi) (Spanish and English)
+34 687 73 17 63 (Arcadi) (Spanish and Italian)

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