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For about seven years I have been taking part in "encuentri milongueri" in Italy and abroad and for about 5 years I have been organizing them on the Italian territory. With my friend Philippe Gonella I created "Airportango", by now a well-known circuit of "encuentri milongueri" organized, at the moment, mainly near the airports of Northern Italy, Encuentros. 


Reaching the console was quite natural! I mainly play in North / Central Italy with a selection of traditional music from the "Epoca de Oro" of the 1930s and 1940s, with incursions in the 20s and 50s. The careful selection of the tracks, the energetic atmosphere transmitted and the careful observation of the dancefloor of which I welcome the impressions, are well returned to the dancers and create a magical wave.


Singular and exclusive, my "cortine" of folk, Occitan and Southern Italy music combine to create a special atmosphere in the dancefloor.

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Iván Cordisco (Turín)

He is a strong supporter of the tango known as "Milonguero".

He especially likes the tango of the old guard and the golden age.

His passion will naturally lead him to musicalize, first for his local friends, within the Tangueros association of Perpignan, and later in France (Tangopostale, Béziers, Perpignan, Nimes, Tarbes festival).

He started musicalizing in his first encuentro in Argeles 2x4. Now he musicalize in the international scene of encuentros milongueros in Italy (Alba, Trevise, Turín Sestri Levanti...), ESPAÑA (Málaga...) FRANCIA (festiv'milonguita, Franteña...)

He likes to see the harmony of the "Ronda" in the dance and feel the emotion of these tender and sensual hugs.

His humility and simplicity are appreciated by many.

He likes a very traditional and energetic music as the tireless dancer he is.

Daniel Esteve (Perpiñán)


His more than twelve years of experience as a professional DJ made him learn to connect with the public. That experience is used in each of his musicalizations, thus maintaining a constant track and attention energy.

He is especially careful with the sound as with the tandas. He has musicalized in milongas, marathons and encuentros in Spain, France and Italy.

His sets range from the decades of the late 20s to the early 50s, always 100% traditional dance.


David González (Irún)


Susana began her career as a DJ in 2012 when she started with the musicalization of the Milonga de la Bóveda in Zaragoza.


She currently musicalize regularly in this milonga, Milonga del Arrabal and the Association of Friends of Tango El Garage. She has also been invited to Zaragoza Tango Marathon, Milonga2 and Coco Tango. Outside her city she has repeatedly musicalized at Pamplona Tango Club and the Milonga del Ángel. She has also been a DJ in Un Tango in Salou.


In every milonga her objective is to create an intense atmosphere that leads the emotions, always sustained with a high level of energy. She believes that music is for everyone, selecting those universal tangos that motivate and inspire dance.

Susana Rebolledo (Zaragoza)

Angel was passionate about music from the first day he started dancing and for more than 12 years he has been creating his own milonga in Tarragona and organizing tango events.

He trains with great Dj's and works intensively to improve both the quality of the topics and the selection of batches and at each moment of the session he looks for the most appropriate to make the dancers happy.

A lover of traditional tango, mainly La Guardia Nueva, he has played music at numerous Encuentros, Festivals and Milongas.


Ángel Pérez (Tarragona)

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She is a tango dancer since 15 years ago and she organize different Milongas and tango events. She is an untiring milonguera and Tdj since 6 years ago. She has musicalized in many milongas, Encuentros and festivals.

She works mainly with orchestras from the 28 to 50s, although in some occasions a modern orchestra with good rhythmic can be adequate to raise the energy of the milonga.

She mantains a own style and look for the variety of the orchestras, with the aim that dancers can develop their qualities. She always watch the sound quality.

Ana loves the encuentros milongueros because of the emotion that they transmit.

Ana Zamora (Tarragona)

Freshness and Landscape at a good pace!

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+34 659 81 57 04 (Ana) (Spanish and French)
+34 649 99 23 32 (Sunsi) (Spanish and English)
+34 687 73 17 63 (Arcadi) (Spanish and Italian)

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